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At Marketing Catalyst, creativity and science reign. Founded by Kain Vodic in 2011, we’re an advertising & marketing agency that focuses on real, tangible results.

We provide the complete suite of marketing services to our clients. This includes strategy, creative production, graphic design, Google AdWords, website design, social media, print media, radio and television commercials.

Our talented creative studio consists of four graphic designers, two web developers/designers, two digital tacticians and a copywriter who are coordinated by our highly experienced production manager.

When working with Marketing Catalyst, you will be looked after by our dedicated account managers below.

Kain Vodic | Marketing Catalyst | Adelaide Marketing Agency

Kain Vodic | Marketing Catalyst | Adelaide Marketing Agency

Kain Vodic - Account Director

Kain has 13 years of advertising & marketing experience and also tutored the course, ‘Media Planning’ at the University of South Australia. In 2005, Kain launched the SA/NT regional office of Salefest Advertising, which at the time, was Australia’s largest dedicated automotive agency. Whilst undertaking his Masters’ of Marketing Degree at UniSA’s Ehrenberg-Bass Institute (2008-11), Kain became exposed to the rigour and certainty of empirical marketing science. Kain founded Marketing Catalyst because he believed that there was a place for straight-talking, evidence-based marketing and strategy development. He now leads a highly talented and committed team of graphic designers and marketing strategists. He takes great professional satisfaction in developing marketing strategies for clients and watching their businesses grow as a result. Kain steps outside the day-to-day workings 'in your business' and works strategically and creatively 'on your business'. This creates a platform for sustainable, year-on-year growth.

Whilst Kain is committed to rolling up his sleeves to grow our client’s businesses, he is also quite partial to a round of golf, a laugh, and beer or two.


Tayla Billing | Account Manager | Marketing Catalyst

Tayla Billing | Account Manager | Marketing Catalyst

Tayla Billing – Account Manager

Tayla brings the latest theoretical frameworks in marketing science to our clients’ businesses and our agency’s own strategic development. While completing her Bachelors’ Degree in Marketing & Communications, Tayla worked as a Research Assistant at the world’s largest centre for marketing science research – UniSA’s own Ehrenberg-Bass Institute.

Not only does Tayla bring an evidence-based approach to marketing, she also possesses a strong sense of visual communication and creative flair.

While Tayla is committed to developing creative solutions for clients, she also enjoys creating original photography for her personal blog.

If you are looking for an Adelaide marketing agency who will help you grow your business using evidence-based marketing, then drop us a line today.

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