Why Marketing Catalyst?

Marketing Catalyst is an Adelaide based marketing agency. We help grow SME's not only in Adelaide but throughout Australia too.


We help our clients by:

  • Developing sound marketing strategies,
  • Producing advertising & marketing materials,
  • Analysing & thereby further improving results, and
  • Creating sustainable, year-on-year growth, through brand awareness and sales.

Our marketing agency combines both traditional and digital strategies to deliver a cohesive path forward to ensure your message reaches your targeted audience.

Our marketing team has over twenty years experience in both traditional & digital marketing agencies.

Unlike most Adelaide advertising agencies, we have first-hand experience of the challenges and opportunities of being an SME business owner.


Our marketing strategies are based on:

  • Research – what does the marketing science say? We look for empirical generalisations which do have a scientific basis.
  • Experience in the production of 30,000 odd marketing communication pieces including press, TV, radio, email, digital, social media, websites and more.
  • Results – from in depth analysis to ensure continued growth.

We make the complex simple to make your message stand out.

We turn around our client’s projects in a cost efficient and timely manner to enable our clients to make the most of opportunities in the market place. These days everyone is short on time, so who can afford to wait to get to market? We pride ourselves on our sense of urgency and getting to market quickly.

That’s enough about us… we’d love to hear about you and how we can help grow your sales and build your brand.

Marketing Catalyst