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There has been no greater change (and challenge) to marketing, than the rise of digital. Digital has paved the way to customers doors and wallets in a targeted manner like no other marketing channel that has gone before it.

Digital marketing has provided many opportunities, and a few challenges along the way. There are a myriad of digital platforms offering greater connectivity to your customers than ever before. There is also a plethora of “digital evangelists” spruiking the latest and greatest “must haves”.

For these reasons, digital marketing can be overwhelming.

With careful and considered strategic planning, a clear path can be plotted through the digital landscape.

And there’s another thing to keep in mind:

Whilst the platform that you are communicating on is digital, your marketing message needs to be designed for the human receiving the message. Too often, we see marketing which is “platform driven”, rather than “message driven”. Remember, the media is the carrier of the message. If you want a human to do something with a message, you need to think “human first, platform second”.

The Challenges in Developing Effective Digital Marketing

There are a number of challenges in developing effective digital marketing, including:

There are so many different platforms, all of whom are making claims as to their effectiveness

  • Which platform is going to work best for your business?
  • In terms of social media, is your business better suited to Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn?
  • Have you developed clear new customer acquisition strategies including the use of Google AdWords, Google display advertising, and Facebook and Instagram paid ad campaigns?
  • Have you developed clear customer retention strategies including email marketing and mobile marketing (SMS, MMS) to your database?
  • There are a hell of a lot of jargon and acronyms, aren’t there? SMS, PPC, MMS, SEO, CTR, CRO, SMM, CPM and more. If you don’t know they all mean, don’t worry – you’re not alone.
  • Finally, if you grew up in world of TV, radio, newspaper advertising and the Yellow Pages, some of this stuff might like it’s from another planet, and who could blame you?

How to Develop Effective Digital Marketing

We recommend you consider the following techniques when developing your digital marketing campaigns:

  • Remember, if you want a human to act, make sure your message appeals to a human, rather than being technology-driven
  • Take the time to think strategically about all of your brand communications, rather just jumping into execution or tactical side;
  • If you want new customers now, Google AdWords or a well-developed SEO plan will have you right where customers who are in the market to buy, are already looking;
  • If you want to get more sales out of your current customers, then advertise to them via email marketing or mobile marketing. The power of mobile marketing is that practically everyone is attached to their phones these days, the avoidance rates are almost zero.

Key Take-Outs From Marketing Science

Our advice is underpinned by the evidence-based ‘Marketing Science’ insights from the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute. Key findings from the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute regarding digital marketing strategy include:

  1. Media – Aim to reach as many potential buyers in the category as possible including mass reaching digital media such as online publications.
  2. Buyer Behaviour – Aim to get more non-buyers or light buyers to buy your product or service rather than focusing on the heavy buyers. Brand growth comes from getting more lighter buyers to buying your product.
  3. Advertising
    The Ehrenberg-Bass Institute advocates the ‘Awareness-Trial-Reinforcement’ Model to:
    1. Make buyers aware that you have product or service to suit their needs
    2. Encourage buyers to trial your product and see for themselves how great it is; and
    3. Remind buyers that you are still here, as buyers have a lot going on in their lives and need your brand to be reinforced in their memory structures so that they recall you at the most important time of all – purchase time!
  4. Distinctive Assets of Your Brand – Please ensure that the distinctive assets of your brand are used consistently and continuously. These include your brand colours, your logo, tagline, a jingle or musical sting if you have it and/or a particular advertising style which might be synonymous with your brand.

Remember, customers have busy lives – make it easy for them to remember your brand at purchase time.

Example of Effective Digital Advertising

Picture this…you’ve got one crack at securing a lucrative portion of over $35 billion dollars’ worth of Defence contracts. These contracts will also fund your entire organization for the next 20 years…so what approach would you take? 

In short, you would leave nothing to chance and go in all guns blazing!

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Types of Digital Advertising We Create

We produce the following digital advertising services for our clients:

  • Website Design and Development
  • Google AdWords & Google Remarketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing & Facebook Remarketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing

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