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Fundamentals of Advertising

When spending money on advertising, you want it to work as hard as it can for you. This means not just ‘brand’ advertising on TV, radio or print, but creating a reason to act.

This can be achieved by following the timeless fundamentals of advertising. These include:

  • Hot offers
  • Reasons to trial your business
  • Simplicity
  • Creating urgency
  • Time limits
  • Creating scarcity; and
  • Striking design to create action.
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Along with digital marketing capacities, we create and produce:

  • Advertising strategies
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • TV ads
  • Radio ads
  • Cinema ads
  • Outdoor, ambient advertising
  • Print ads & banners
  • Media buying services.
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TV & Video

Winning hearts and minds! Television is the most powerful media tool when it comes to connecting with audiences. TV & Video combines audio and visual elements to strengthen your brand assets, such as your name, logo and tag-line.

Marketing neuroscience shows that humans think in pictures first, and in words, second. TV & Video cut-through to consumer’s attention more effectively than any other medium.

If your goal is to get your campaign out to the masses, no medium achieves fast and broad reach like TV.

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But the million-dollar question still remains: How do I do it? We can help you decide what strategic route to take. Whether it’s for television, your website or social media, video is highly effective in acquiring reach.

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There’s power in tangibility. 

While many businesses continue to push for digital, we can’t forget the power of tangibility. The feeling you get when flicking through a polished, glossy magazine. It’s an art form that’ll never go out of style.

Print just needs to be done right. Whether it be a newspaper, magazine or catalogue, it’s rare to receive something in the mail these days. Use this to stand out.

Don’t shut out this powerful media tool altogether because digital is on the rise. Remember: the demographic with the largest purchasing power are the “Baby Boomers” (55+). Most Baby Boomers consumer print, TV and radio before digital.

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Talk to our catalysts about how to get the most exposure for your next advertising campaign.

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