All Under One Roof


“So, you have gone through the harrowing process of negotiating to buy a house … But now you have to meet with the different banks and look at rates and fees …. What if there was an easier way”?

Well, now is an easier way.

With a dearth of home loan brokers in Alice Springs and combined with the typically unfriendly banking system in Australia, the team at what was Golden Homes Real Estate, saw an opportunity in the market. But, how could they pull it altogether in a meaningful way?

The Branding Strategy

After brainstorming the possibilities the client was keen to re-brand as @RealEstateCo and @HomeloansCo, giving the new brand identities a digital and contemporary feel.

Our Side of the Bargain

Our job was take the client’s vision for their business, and to use our graphic design, copywriting and web development skills to bring their vision to life.

To this end, we created the brand identity assets including for each brand identity:

  1. Designing the logo including corporate colours
  2. Writing the tag line; and
  3. Building the websites

We also created the supporting brand collateral which is needed in everyday life in business. These items of brand collateral included:

  1. Email signatures
  2. Business cards
  3. Promotional brochures
  4. Social media Cover Pages and Profile Photos for Facebook & Twitter, and
  5. With compliments slips


What did the client have to say?

“We are delighted with how our vision for our business has been transformed into a reality. So, far cross-sales are up by double digits for the year”.

Gianna Melky

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