Alastair – Digital Strategy Savant

Alastair consults to Marketing Catalyst as a high level digital strategist. Alastair first began figuring how to navigate the digital world with SEO and Google AdWords way back at the turn of the century. Yes, back in the year 2000 when the world realised that the Y2K bug was just an urban myth. Way back when people were still using the Yellow Pages to find businesses, rather than as a doorstop, Alastair was sending leads to businesses for just 5c per click. Alastair brings a mathematical and logical mind to how the digital ecosystem in 2019 integrates together. By composing a strategic mix of organic rankings, pay-per-click, content delivered at the right touch-point in the marketing sequence, social media, Alastair fulfills his raison d’etre – lead generation. It is us who have termed him a “digital savant” – he is actually quite a polite and humble guy. The best one’s always are.