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At Marketing Catalyst, we understand how stressful managing a sales event can be, because as a retailer, you already have a tonne of things to take care of…

We can help by utilising proven advertising techniques that will help you achieve more sales at your next retail event. 

An All-touchpoint Campaign.

Typically, retail advertising agencies specialise in one medium only, like print or TV. But why spend $30K if that message isn’t being reinforced continually on your website, social media, in-store, at the point of sale or even by your sales staff? 

At Marketing Catalyst, an Adelaide-based advertising agency, we create and execute our strategy at every touch point. We can connect with your customers through the following mediums:

1. Traditional Media

  1. Television: TVC’s help your message reach a wider audience span
  2. Radio: local radio stations can create awareness of your sales event through local targeting and appeal
  3. Print: There’s power in tangibility. We can help you create newspaper ads, catalogues, POS material and more…
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2. Digital Media

  1. Google AdWords: Reach relevant audiences as they are searching for your store or sales event
  2. Google Remarketing: Target customers who already visited your website and inform them of your next sales event
  3. Facebook: Facebook is highly targeted, allowing you to reach people relevant to your ideal customer demographic
  4. Email: email allows for a direct line of contact between you and your customers, where you can communicate sales events and promotions
  5. Mobile: because everyone has their phone within arm’s reach and everyone’s eyes light up when they see a ‘sale’ notification…
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