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If you run a car dealership, electrical goods, bedding or furniture store or any other retail outlet, you know an overstocked shop is stressful . You go back to the warehouse and see another truckload of stock being unloaded.

What’s worse is you might even be paying floorplan interest on your stock every day, with costs mounting with no room for it. Using our advertising techniques, we can help you clear it… and make money.

An all-touchpoint campaign.

Some retail advertising agencies specialise in one medium only, like print or TV. But why spend $30K if that message isn’t being reinforced on your website, social media, in-store, at point of sale or communicated to current customers?

We create and execute the strategy, at every touchpoint. Your customers will be ‘touched’ via television, radio, newspaper, catalogues, Google AdWords, Google remarketing, Facebook, email, mobile and POS.

If you’re a retailer and need to; 

  1. Clear stock before it becomes a problem; or
  2. Move stock fast, facing a market downturn

Talk with us about how we can help you move more of it now.

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