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In any client-agency relationship, it’s important to get the right fit between the client and agency so that the business relationship is effective, efficient and a “win-win”.

We work with two broad types of clients to generate more leads:

1. Business Owners

We work with business owners who employ 10-100 staff, have an established and regular marketing budget and whom are either short on time, or marketing isn’t their core competency.

For Business Owner clients, we provide the full suite of services ranging from:

Strategy + Creative + Production House + Digital Know-how + Media Bookings

2. Marketing Departments

We also work Marketing Departments who are stretched for a particular expertise, for example TVC Creative & Production or the techy side of Google AdWords.

With every year that goes by, Marketing Managers have growing job descriptions which require competency across:

  1. TV creative
  2. TV media buying including spot placements
  3. Print
  4. Radio
  5. General media buying
  6. Website design and updating content
  7. Email marketing with retail e-DM’s and soft sell e-newsletters
  8. Strategy
  9. You can do a bit of Photoshop can’t you?
  10. Social media content creation
  11. Targeting advertising campaigns on social media (FB, Instagram, YouTube)
  12. Events
  13. PR
  14. Google AdWords
  15. SEO
  16. Mobile with SMS and MMS
  17. Digital display banners
  18. Blogging
  19. Latest trends in digital, and
  20. Video

It’s a big list and it’s growing!

We also support our Marketing Manager clients who are short on time and simply need an additional resource.

For our Marketing Department clients, we typically support them with services including:

Creative + Production House + Digital Know-how

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